Peugeot 308 gt base roulante

PEUGEOT offers you spare parts perfectly suited to your vehicle. It is the most reliable, safe and cost-effective solution available for your maintenance and repair needs.

It’s not a Peugeot without Peugeot Genuine Parts

If your Peugeot needs a replacement part such as a new exhaust or a new set of brake pads, then bring it home to your local Peugeot garage. We use Genuine Peugeot Parts and you can be confident that the work will be completed to the highest standard by Peugeot trained technicians.

The quality of the parts used determines your car's performance and reliability, from the day it leaves the factory through all its service and maintenance requirements.

All parts are important, safety parts such as brake pads and lights naturally, but also body parts and towing accessories.

The label "Peugeot Genuine Parts" is hard won. Before gaining approval by Peugeot as a "Peugeot Genuine Part", each one is submitted to extremely stringent tests and specifications.

These are the perfect parts for your Peugeot to ensure optimum performance and reliability.

So, if parts do need replacement, remember to ask for the real thing! If you deserve a Peugeot, your Peugeot deserves Genuine Parts!

All genuine parts come complete with a 12 month unlimited mileage warranty for complete peace of mind.


peugeot genuine parts


Designed following the same strict specifications and manufactured according to the same production standards as the components used when building Peugeot vehicles, Original Peugeot Parts use materials of the right quality. To give your vehicle reliability, longevity, and safety, they are subjected to an entire battery of tests.  


Your Peugeot is a homogenous and coherent set of elements designed and determined by the manufacturer to contribute to the safety and reliability of your vehicle. Original Peugeot Parts will let you maintain your Peugeot's inherent qualities in terms of reliability, safety, comfort, and driving pleasure.


peugeot genuine parts


Do you have to change a part on your Peugeot? Help to reduce your automobile's environmental impact by selecting a Standard Exchange Part. This is a part that has been refurbished following an extremely strict renovation process from used parts collected from Peugeot vehicles. These parts have the same Manufacturer’s warranty as new Original Parts thanks to a strict refurbishment process.


Extend the longevity of your Peugeot and ensure it is kept in perfect operating condition at a reduced budget that is completely suited to the age of your vehicle. You also help contribute to our commitment to protecting the environment: recycling and limiting automobile waste.


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