The great saga of PEUGEOT and tennis began back in the 1970s. The PEUGEOT brand entered the tournament's VIP Village in 1984 and became the Official Transporter in 1989. This year it celebrates its 36th year of partnership with the French Open.

Around 230 vehicles are made available each year to transport players, VIPs, officials, and the general public.


Since 1989, all the special series have been developed specifically in partnership with Roland-Garros to highlight the graphic codes of the world of tennis and the Grand Slams.

The PEUGEOT 108, a model produced in Europe and sold in many countries around the world, is the showcase of this partnership.


ATP Tour
ATP Tour

In 2016, PEUGEOT became a Platinum Partner of the ATP Tour after signing a global partnership contract. It has been the official car at over 20 tournaments on the circuit and provides a fleet of over 300 vehicles worldwide to transport players, VIPs, officials, and the general public.

PEUGEOT has been committed to the world of tennis for over three decades and is strengthening its commitment to this sport and position PEUGEOT as the car manufacturer of reference in this sporting discipline.



PEUGEOT Ambassador Novak Djokovic

PEUGEOT is launching its new international advertising campaign "Move to Electric" by calling on its ambassador Novak Djokovic

By taking part in this campaign and wearing an "Electric" patch on his jersey sleeve, the world's No. 2 in the ATP rankings is highlighting his awareness of environmental protection and is endorsing PEUGEOT's electrification strategy.