Innovative lifestyle technology has been introduced on the PEUGEOT 2008 SUV to ensure maximum convenience.



Grip Control®* is an adapted traction control system which responds to most terrains and weather conditions. It acts on the front wheels by adjusting wheel spin and torque to optimise traction in low-grip conditions.
Versatile and adaptable, this system has control built in. The Grip Control® dial located on the centre console lets you choose the appropriate mode for the surface you encounter. Coupled with 17” Alloy wheels and Mud & Snow tyres, Grip Control® uses electronic components that are already installed in the car meaning that it adds no extra weight and therefore no excessive fuel consumption, unlike a traditional 4x4.

*Standard on GT Line, optional Allure 



Active City Brake* is a new technology which makes it possible to avoid an accident or reduce its seriousness if the driver fails to react. It works in urban conditions, at speeds of less than 30km/h. A short range sensor is fitted to the top of the windscreen and can detect other vehicles that are driving in the same direction or stationary. This will automatically trigger an emergency brake to stop the vehicle and avoid a collision entirely, or limit the consequences of an accident by reducing the speed of impact.

*Standard on GT Line, optional on Allure



Designed to produce drivability and performance, the PureTech 3-cylinder turbo petrol engine in the PEUGEOT 2008 SUV combines efficiency with cutting-edge technology resulting in greater driving pleasure with lower running costs. This engine has won the 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 International Engine of the Year in its category (1.0 to 1.4l).
The PEUGEOT 2008 SUV also features the 6-speed petrol automatic gearbox which uses quickshift technology allowing for faster gear changes – and is the new benchmark for driving enjoyment.

PEUGEOT PureTech International Engine of the Year 2018



The high performance, versatile and efficient PureTech engine offers a responsive driving experience on the PEUGEOT 2008 SUV without compromising on fun and enjoyment.
The springs, shock absorvers, anti-roll bars, front wheel axle unit and rear cross member have been specially designed to allow the entire engine assembly to deliver the most dynamic performance possible.

The weight-optimised drivetrain combines simplicity and reactivity, offering the perfect balance of comfort and road holding to guarantee real driving pleasure.



City Park* assist makes life easier by assessing the size of a parallel parking space available to ensure that it fits the dimensions of your PEUGEOT 2008 SUV. Ultrasonic sensors and steering management take over to manoeuvre into a parallel parking space for you. Acceleration, braking and gear changes are left in your control. Exiting the parking space is just as easy – as City Park* will do this for you too!

*Available as an option



PEUGEOT Mirror Screen® brings you Apple CarPlay®, Android Auto® and MirrorLink® functionality to your touch screen by linking your compatible smartphone. It provides voice activation for the driver, meaning compatible and safe applications, such as Google Maps and call features, can be activated and used without removing your hands from the wheel.



The reversing camera automatically activates when reverse gear is engaged and allows the driver to view the area behind the vehicle while the manoeuvre is taking place.