FROM $63,990 + ORC


The new PEUGEOT e-208 electric vehicle is a small car for putting good times on repeat. It offers a lively and stimulating drive thanks to its 100% electric engine and clearly offers access to a new mobility.

Zero emissions, e-208 is eligible for the full $8,625 clean car rebate, taking the net price to $55,365 + ORC.


PEUGEOT e-208 Electric With iOWN Finance | No Deposit, Low Weekly Payment and Guaranteed Future Value

Celebrating the introduction of the new PEUGEOT e-208, we're helping you make the switch to an electric vehicle as simple as possible with iOWN intelligent ownership.  Order yours today from $205 per week*, with no deposit and guaranteed future value.

*MSRP $63,990+ORC, additional payment of $8,625 (rebate amount) required in week 8, 48 Month term, 30,000km allowance, 8.95% p.a. fixed interest rate, $136 establishment fee, $7.39 PPSR fee, optional final payment of $28,795.50 to keep the car, total loan repayments $79,815.72, responsible lending criteria & T&Cs apply.



It is reassuring to have a headstart when it comes to car ownership. iOWNi is the simple and smart solution you need. Start today with no deposit and continue to reap the benefits for years to come.

PEUGEOT iOWN Finance | Intellignent Car Ownership

PEUGEOT iOWN Finance | Intellignent Car Ownership

PEUGEOT iOWN Finance | Intellignent Car Ownership

No Deposit Finance | Walk-in drive-out with nothing down and start paying less on fuel
Cash In Your Trade In | Keep your trade-in payment for other expenses
Clean Car Payment | Receive a government payment of $8,625 for your e-208 straight after purchase
Fixed Vehicle Outgoings | With 5 years warranty included & an optional full service plan for $1/day
Fixed Low Interest Rates | Lock in low interest rates for your car for your term up to 4 years



New PEUGEOT e-208 100% Electric Car | Advantages of an Electric Engine: Driving Pleasure

CO2 range (WLTP*)

Full electric driving delivers new sensations:

  • Up to 382km range*
  • Sharp acceleration thanks to immediate engine torque
  • A quiet engine offering a serene driving experience
  • 0g CO2 emissions in driving phase

*Range value indicated complies with the WLTP test procedure on the basis of which new vehicles have been approved since September 1, 2018. Figures may vary depending on actual conditions of use and various factors such as speed, weather and driving styles.

PEUGEOT e-208 100% Electric Car | Advantages of an Electric Engine: 0g C02 Emissions

0 g
CO2 emitted on the road

Enjoy greatly reduced motoring costs:

  • Energy cost lower than fossil fuels
  • Low cost of use thanks to reduced maintenance
  • Use of ECO mode
  • Government clean car rebate of $8,625
New PEUGEOT e-208 100% Electric Car | Advantages of an Electric Engine: Serenity of e-Mobility

30 min
to recharge 80% range*

Functions that simplify everyday life:

  • Simple and intuitive charging
  • Freedom to drive wherever you want

*With 100 kW fast charging station. The charging time may vary according to the type and power of the charging station, the outside temperature at the charging point and the battery temperature.


New PEUGEOT e-208 100% Electric Car | Distinctive Design

The PEUGEOT e-208 is the embodiment of the mobility revolution, but also packs a punch in terms of style, too. The small car sets itself apart with its sporty design and a modern silhouette - an irresistable combination.

PEUGEOT e-208 Electric Car Design
New PEUGEOT e-208 100% Electric Car Design | Exclusive Alcantara / Cloth Trim
PEUGEOT e-208 Electric Car Design

The PEUGEOT e-208 has many sstylish and distinctive details that give it a unique look. The monogram "e" underlines its electric capabilities. The 17" diamond cut alloy wheels with inserts emphasise its curves, while the body-coloured grille adds harmony. On the inside is the new refined black trim made from Alcantara and leatherette.


New PEUGEOT e-208 100% Electric Car Engine | Electric Motor

New electric engine

Electric driving delivers new sensations. In the quiet and comfortable interior, make the most of the power of the 136 hp (100 kW) motor and 260 Nm of torque that's available from 0 km/h.

New PEUGEOT e-208 100% Electric Car Engine | High Performance Battery

High-performance battery

With a warranty of eight years or 160,000 km, the 50 kWh battery in the PEUGEOT e-208 has been incorporated without compromising on interior space. The design of the e-CMP electrified modular platform preserves space on board and boot volume. 

New PEUGEOT e-208 100% Electric Car Engine | Driving Modes

Driving modes

The new PEUGEOT e-208 electric small car offers three driving modes:

  • Eco: autonomy optimised by adjusting certain settings
  • Normal: optimum comfort for daily use
  • Sport: priority to performance and sensations with maximum power and torque (0 to 100 km/h in 8.3s)
New PEUGEOT e-208 100% Electric Car Engine | Braking Modes

Braking modes

Two braking modes are also accessible:

  • moderate, for a feel similar to that of a combustion engine vehicle
  • increased, for deceleration controlled by the accelerator pedal

Driving modes


Braking modes




New PEUGEOT e-208 100% Electric Car | Charging and Range

With a fully charged battery, the PEUGEOT e-208 can cover up to 382 km according to the WLTP* (Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedures). Several charging solutions are available: at home or at public stations. 

The new PEUGEOT e-208 also offers programmable deferred charging from the screen. This system also lets you start or stop charging at any time and consult the charge status.

*Range may vary depending on driving behaviour, the load you're carrying and even whether you're using the heating.

Charging from a home power point

The new PEUGEOT e-208 charges using a classic domestic plug for a complete charge, using the standard cable provided.

Accelerated charge at home

Charge your PEUGEOT e-208 more quickly and safely with Wallbox, available as an accessory. Wallbox can also be installed in your home.

Recharge on public stations

You can obtain 80% of the vehicle charge in 30 minutes* from a 100kW charging station. A wide network of more than 500 public charging stations* and rapidly growing is available throughout New Zealand. For more information about public charging points found across NZ, visit

*The charging time may vary according to the type and power of the charging station, the outside temperature at the charging point and the battery temperature.



New PEUGEOT e-208 100% Electric Car | PEUGEOT 3D i-Cockpit®

Experience agile and intuitive driving with the compact multifunction steering wheel, the configurable 3D head-up display, the large 10" touchscreen and the 7 "piano" toggle switches. You can also personalise your interior environment with a choice of interior ambient lighting in 8 LED colours for an even more up-to-date look.

New PEUGEOT e-208 100% Electric Car | 3D Digital Instrument Panel

Information on your electric drive can be easily accessed through the 3D head-up digital instrument panel or the touchscreen, leaving you free to concentrate on the joy of driving:

  • 3 driving modes: Eco/Normal/Sport
  • Energy use indicator using the power meter: CHARGE, ECO and POWER (ECO for energy optimisation, POWER for maximum power or CHARGE for energy recovery)
  • Range and delayed charging settings
  • Animation of specific information illustrating the operation of the powertrain in real time


By buying a PEUGEOT e-208 electric car, aspiring owners are able to utilise the full New Zealand Government Clean Car Rebate of $8,625.

This takes the net price of the new PEUGEOT e-208 to $53,365 + ORC.

New PEUGEOT e-208 100% Electric Car | Clean Car Rebate


New PEUGEOT e-208 100% Electric Car | MyPEUGEOT App

Make the most of tailored services that are synchronised with your account in real time, thanks to the free MyPEUGEOT® app:

  • Keep an eye on the status of your vehicle (driving data, location)
  • Manage the maintenance and servicing of your vehicle
  • Quick and easy access to assistance


Full electric driving offers new mobility and many advantages:

  • A stimulating and soothing drive
  • Sound comfort
  • No polluting emissions
  • Simple to use and autonomy is maintained
  • Freedom to drive around town

and a great deal more...

New PEUGEOT e-208 100% Electric Car | Advantages of Electric